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Encouraging Helpful Behavior

I like to plan things. Having a plan makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, much the same way puppies or babies make some people feel. Plans are my lifeline. I love them. So when my husband and I made a plan for our family, we were very adamant that we needed at least one thing: enough time between the children so that the oldest would be able to help out around the house. There are nearly 4 years between our two kids – so one would think that we had done our planning to a tee…

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Learning Love

Starting this blog has given me to opportunity for quiet reflection on my children, myself and my roles as a woman, mother and wife. Since being on maternity leave (plus a couple extra work-at-home weeks – more on that in another post), I have had plenty of time to closely observe my daughter and new son in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise during the rush of wake up-go to work-make dinner-bed time routines…

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Motherhood in the Morning: Setting Intentions

Let’s start here: Motherhood is hard. Like, really, really hard. But then again, it can be ever-so simple at the same time. There are many days where I wake up and have no idea where to start, no idea how to approach the day as a successful mother, let alone of what I’m going to wear. I know that I’m not alone in this – if you’re here reading a motherhood blog, then you’ve likely felt the same way at some point…or on a daily basis, like moi. I have good news for you though – I have a simple trick that can make your mornings a little less stressful. Though not a magical save-all for those days when you just “can’t even,” this trick can at least give you peace of mind…