About SweetPea & Bud

Welcome to SweetPea & Bud: A Motherhood Blog! I’m Heather, creator of this blog and mama to a daughter (SweetPea) and son (Bud).

Being a full-time working mother, I find myself constantly thinking of ways to make our family life as full of light and love as it can possibly be – with gentle, present parenting, a simplified home life, and time for personal growth through creativity. I have also learned the importance of self-care – a healthy, happy mama is best for the entire family.

As this blog grows, you will find posts about the trials of motherhood, gentle parenting, simple recipes, quick and easy activities for the entire family and self-care tips just for the mamas (and some to share with the littles, too!).


I’m excited to share my journey through motherhood with you and I hope that you can take something away from this blog – whether it is a new idea for simplifying your home life, an interest in ways to practice gentle parenting, or even just an assurance that you, mama, are not alone.




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