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10 Things: Postpartum Self Care

I don’t think it’s a secret that this postpartum journey has been more difficult on me than the last. Though I’ll admit that I’m no stranger to asking for some “me time,” I do occasionally feel guilty that I seem to need more of this than others. Within the last few weeks, some things have become clear to me: I don’t get enough exercise, I crave nice weather, I overindulge in sweets, I have slight anxiety (different than my normal social anxiety). In other words, I’ve realized that in order to be the wife and mother that my family needs, I need to take better care of myself. 

Here are 10 things that I’ve added to my days to make everything just a little bit happier:

1. Daily Herbal Supplements & Herbal Tinctures

I’ve started taking a multi-herb supplement to help with my mental wellbeing. A blend which includes Vitamin D and Magnesium, among other herbs directed toward stress management and women’s health, helps uplift my attitude starting in the morning and going throughout the day.

I know – I’m a brand ambassador for Calm A Mama, but they doesn’t mean that I’m just speaking their praises because I have to. Since I’ve started using the Calm Drops, I notice a change in my mental state when dealing with stressful events…or even just a crying baby. My husband can attest to this – he’s literally handed me the Calm Drops (use code lovelifenow to get 10% off your total order here) when I began having a melt down over my clothes not fitting my postpartum body the way I wanted them to. I take Happy Drops every morning to put a beat in my step and help set my mood for the day. I’m looking forward to putting in my next order and trying out Focus and Balance Drops. 

2. A Simple Routine

Does anyone else find calm in a simple routine? I do! In fact, my nightly skin care routine is my favorite. Knowing that I have at least these 10 minutes to myself, no matter what, gives me something to look forward to, even if I’ve had a terrible day. I cleanse with either African Black Soap or a gentle blend of Castile soap, carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, and other nourishing oils. Then I use a toner of witch hazel, jojoba oil, water and lavender essential oil and end with a light layer of rosehip oil and night cream. This routine is soothing and helps me relax for the night.

3. Face Masks

I love me a face mask – mud masks, paper masks, exfoliating masks, all of them. I use them at least once per week and this is another opportunity to have some quiet time. Each mask needs to set 10-20 minutes so I have that time to lie back, close my eyes and let whichever mask I’ve chosen that day do its thang. (This mud mask is from Raw Apothecary, is made of all natural ingredients and is amazing)

4. A Glass Of Red Wine (or two)

I’ve developed a love of red wine and I love to talk about how much I love wine. I just like it a lot. I like to pour a glass, cook dinner and enjoy my night. It’s something my husband doesn’t care for and my daughter can’t have so it’s just mine. Plus, have you read that there’s been studies that show that a glass of red wine is good for your health? I have!

5. Exercise

I’ve certainly slacked on this in the past. Now that I’ve started trying to get a walk in or a short workout every day, I feel way better both physically and mentally. It can be really hard to gather the motivation I need to move my body, I wish it were easier. Now with two little ones, it’s even more important that I take care of my own health so I can keep up with them.

6. Healthy Eating

This is so hard for me too. I mean, I have always eaten mostly clean for my 3 large meals of the day, but I’m a snacker and my sweet tooth is basically out of control. Dieting has never really worked for me, I don’t like to be limited, I like to indulge every once in a while in rich foods and desserts, but I seem to have made this a more than “every once in a while” thing. Taking the time to be more conscious of my sugar intake and which foods I’m choosing has helped me make better choices throughout the day and feel better, too.

7. Solo Target Browsing

Does anyone else find solace in walking the aisles of their local Target store? C’mon. I know it’s more than just me. Stop by the Starbucks for a latte and just browse for an hour, see if you don’t feel better at the end of that.

8. Binge Watching Guilty Pleasure Shows

Mine is Vampire Diaries, what’s yours? I don’t have a better reason than sometimes it’s just great to turn off your brain and watch. This can also be done while feeding the baby a bottle or exercising, so it’s a win-win.

9. Hot Baths

I love me a hot bath with Epsom salts and some bath oils and lavender or eucalyptus essential oils. It’s my time to lock the door and have 20-30 minutes of quiet time to read or just lie back and relax (or fall asleep). 

10. Blogging

I’m much better able to voice my thoughts when they’re written down rather than spoken. Having a venue that allows me to gather my thoughts, write them as I choose and, without physical social interaction, discuss with others is helpful for an introvert like me. It’s even difficult for me to talk with my husband about some things so writing them and having him read them gives even him a better sense of what I may be going through at any given time. 

What do you do to take care of yourself? What makes you feel better?

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2 thoughts on “10 Things: Postpartum Self Care

  1. My favorite thing to do when the boys were young was to go to Target ALONE and walk through the aisles, I found it relaxing and just ME time. Enjoy your strolls down the aisles..


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